Head Office

Address : 244 Lanark Street

Hamilton, ON L8E 4B3


Address : 435 Lake Ave. N.

Hamilton, ON L8E 3C1


Address : P.O. Box 624

Hamilton, ON L8N 3K7

Baycoat is currently the largest steel coil coater in Canada. Baycoat employs a workforce of roughly 175, operating two coating lines that are capable of accommodating numerous paint systems, offering well over 1,000 colours. These coating lines currently paint over 200,000 tons of steel annually, serving customers in various markets including the residential and commercial construction markets.

Baycoat began operations at this site in 1965, as a joint venture between Dofasco and Stelco, Canada's two major steel companies. Baycoat was formed to meet a growing demand for pre painted steel. Over the years Baycoat has proven itself as a safe, reliable company, offering high quality products in a cost efficient and timely manner. Baycoat recently celebrated 50 years of ongoing success.

The future looks bright as Baycoat continues to improve its manufacturing processes and develop new products for a growing market.